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Wills, Estate Planning, Succession and Probate

Our team can give you the sound advice and direction you need to make the entire process of succession planning as easy as possible. 


Drafting a Will can be complex. We’ll advise you on Will writing, the creation of trusts and the overseeing of an estate to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you and for your loved ones.

We can advise on efficient tax planning, to maximise the value of your Estate for your loved ones. 


We can also guide you on the preparation and registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney, in the event that you lose capacity in the future. 


A death can cause chaos for a business. Whether it be the death of the sole director who has the only access to the company funds or a business that requires a key member of personnel to function. 


We will advise on plans to keep businesses going through your Will, shareholders agreements or succession planning. If the business is a family business thought needs to go into who will take over the business, will employees be involved, or will the business have to be sold? We can advise on the best way to keep your hard work going forward. 

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